I'm Azure Fundamentals Certified!

I’ve never been much of a certification person. Mostly because the people I’ve personally run into in the industry that have lots of certifications aren’t worth the paper all those certifications are printed on. Last week my job provided me the opportunity to take the Azure Fundamentals training with a proctored exam at the end. While it wasn’t really a hands-on training I did enjoy learning more about the fundamentals of Microsoft Azure.

Having more experience with AWS it was interesting to see how Azure does things differently to accomplish many of the same goals. The biggest takeaway from the training was just how much you can accomplish in the cloud and how important it is to understand your goals and requirements before diving head first into a design. With so many tools and options at your disposal it’s easy to shoot yourself in the foot architecturally.

I’m still not a huge fan of certifications but I’ll certainly take the knowledge I gained to be better at my craft. Also, for those that do care about certifications, I passed the exam with flying colors.