LiFePO4 Scooter Battery | DailyIoT 029

In this episode of DailyIoT I give a brief update on the scooter project. Specifically, how I swapped out the two 12V sealed lead acid batteries for a single 24V Lithium Iron Phosphate version. It weighs about half as much as just one of the SLAs it's replacing. After some research I wanted to give LiFePO4 batteries a try over just replacing the dead SLAs for the following reasons:

  • Significantly more charge cycles
  • Much faster charging
  • Non-toxic
  • No memory. They don't need to be fully discharged before charging.
  • Considerably lighter

I'll post updates here as I gain more first hand experience using the battery in the scooter project.

The specific battery pack I'm using is from Bioenno Power (Amazon affiliate link).